Congressman James McGovernCongressman James McGovern talks about his role as co-Chair of the Hunger Caucus
Nathan Ballentine aka Man in Overalls, spearheads the growth of community gardens and agricultural sustainability in Tallahassee, Florida.

The 4-time Emmy Award-winning filmmakers of Diva Communications bring you a new interfaith documentary – A Peace of Bread: Faith, Food, and the Future.

There have been many documentaries exploring hunger issues but none quite like this. A Peace of Bread: Faith, Food and the Future is a compelling and heart-felt look at how young, and not so young, faith leaders are trying to finally make a dent in this country’s 49 million people (17 million of which are children) that are experiencing hunger. With faiths’ enduring mandate to “feed the hungry,” A Peace of Bread: Faith, Food, and the Future explores the work not only of the steadfast caregivers in soup kitchens and food pantries, but also that of a new generation of anti-hunger activists – all of whom driven by faith in a brighter future.

Agricultural sustainability, social network community building, and advocacy to reshape food policy – these are just some of the ways in which faith based groups are bringing a new perspective to an old problem. A Peace of Bread: Faith, Food, and the Future reminds us that we are “not obligated to finish the work (of perfecting the world) but neither are you allowed to desist from it.” (Pirket Avot 2:16) And with 49 million people suffering from hunger in our nation, the issue requires the combined effort of us all.


Challah for Hunger
Preparing the dough at Challah for Hunger
As a young college student, Eli Winkelman founded Challah for Hunger to raise money and awareness for hunger through the production and sale of challah bread. The organization has since grown to over 40 chapters in schools across the nation and beyond.
Gonzaga College High School Students deliver meals
Gonzaga College High School Students deliver meals
The young men of Gonzaga’s College High School’s Campus Kitchen spend their summers cooking and delivering meals to the less fortunate in the shadow of the nation’s capitol.
Nati Passow at the Jewish Farm School
Nati Passow at the Jewish Farm School
At the Jewish Farm School in upstate New York, Nati Passow works toward a long-held dream of agricultural sustainability. Participants connect to their faith by working the land and growing food for the cause.

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With a generous grant from Odyssey Networks, A Peace of Bread hopes to restore a nation’s conviction that we can eliminate hunger.
All it takes is a few creative solutions, a lot of big hearts and an unalterable will.
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