A Prayer at Retirement

I am scared, God.

Who am I without a title? Without a schedule?
Without my job?

Teach me, God.  Show me who I am.
Remind me that I am not my job, nor was I ever so.

Open my eyes to the beauty that surrounds me.
Open my arms to family members and friends I was always too busy to embrace.

Open my mind to the vast world of knowledge that lies before me.
Open my ears to the cries of those who desperately need my assistance.

Fill me with compassion, God. 
Calm my fears. 
Remind me that I am vital, that I am needed, that I am loved.

Teach me to embrace this precious freedom I have been granted. 

For the first time in a long time I can choose to spend my days as I wish,
to explore whatever I wish, to travel wherever I wish.

Help me live this time wisely, God. 

Lead me on the path to meaning, to satisfaction, to joy, to peace. 

Stay with me, God. Let me know You are near. 


-Rabbi Naomi Levy