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From Maimonides to Mother Teresa, Florence Nightingale to Father Damien, people of faith, ministering to the sick, have seemed larger than life, impossible to emulate. Today, though they may wear heels and baseball caps, attend Mets games and run to appointments, as in the past, they care for the afflicted and the health of their community, since we are all created in the image of God.

Diva Communications presents DIVINE PRESCRIPTION: Stories of Faith, Health, and Community, an hour-long interfaith documentary that shares the stories of people of faith who are taking extraordinary action to address the needs of the sick.
DIVINE PRESCRIPTION features the stories of:

Rabbi Charles Rudansky
Director of Pastoral Care at MJHS,
& Spiritual leader of Cong.

Shaarei Tikvah
Rabbi Rudansky’s faith brings assurance
and comfort to those he interacts with
at MJHS, adding a spiritual element
to their treatment

Schaunta Boyd James
Executive Director of the
E.C. Tyree Health & Dental Clinic

As a little girl, Schaunta Boyd James attended St. Marks United Methodist Church in Wichita Kansas. Now she runs its health and dental clinic.

Michael Davis
Bone Marrow Donor

Two weeks before Rosh Hashanah, on the way
to synagogue, Michael Davis decided to participate
in a bone marrow drive.
He never thought he’d be a match…
or save a life.

Sister Judith Ann Duvall
CEO of OSF Health Care
Sprightly, determined and indefatigable, Sister Judith Ann runs a $5 billion-a-year health care enterprise and calls her hospital a ‘sacred ministry.’
Learn more at The Catholic Post. 

Rev. Diane Smalley
Presbyterian Minister, domestic violence & sexual assault advocate
When Rev. Smalley found herself uninsured and diagnosed with stage four cancer,
she was more frightened of the hospital bill than the disease

Deaconess Judy Davis
United Methodist parish nurse at San Antonio’s Church Under the Bridge
San Antonio’s street people were clustered under bridges and highway overpasses the first time the Church Under the Bridge held a service. Judy Davis knew they needed spiritual and medical aid.

Wesam Ahmed, M.D.
founder of the American

Islamic Wellness Association

Dr. Ahmed was inspired by the tenets of
his Muslim faith to create the Amal Clinic,
a free health clinic for Rhode Islanders
in need.

Janet Tsatkina
Music therapy program at MJHS Center For Rehabilitation and Nursing Care
Janet connects with her patients using traditional music that. It has worked wonders for her patients with Alzheimer’s and dementia.

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“I just finished watching Divine Prescription: Stories of Faith, Health and Community…I am literally breathless and have wiped away more tears than I knew I had. Anyone who knows something is wrong about the way we are debating healthcare in this country – which means every single one of us – needs to see this film. Divine Prescription is an amazing, heart expanding and soul stirring piece that reminds us, in the most profound way – by telling people’s stories – what the health debate needs to truly be about: our vulnerability and our extraordinary capacity to care for each other. This is a holy film that every politician, every public policy person, every caregiver, in fact anyone who will ever be sick or take care of someone who is ill, should see”.
-Rabbi Irwin Kula, co-President, CLAL, The National Jewish Center for Learning and Leadership


“Touching, true, and beautiful: This film comes straight from heaven into the human heart through the healing hands and lives of saints who care for the sick and turn none away, who feed the hungry and soul, and who visit the dying and midwife them into heaven. Christian, Jewish or Muslim – we share a one commonality — we see each person as holy and worthy of our help. Who is the saint in this film? It is anyone who performs a mitzvah. Five stars”.
Reverend Peter B. Panagore, 
First Radio Parish Church of America


“Divine Prescription is an outstanding documentary on how people of faith can bring healing and wholeness to the lives of people through ministries of health care. This documentary portrays a wide spectrum of interfaith groups engaged in life-giving health programs for people in all walks of life. In each case there is a common theme: God’s people are providing for the health needs of brothers and sisters out of love for God. This crosses all lines of denominationalism and faith tradition. The gift of life is celebrated in this documentary in real and powerful human stories. It should be seen by every faith community and the ideas practiced in the world to continue the good that it portrays”.
– Bishop Peggy A. Johnson, The United Methodist Church


“Moving and inspiring! I see my life and the people I love in the scenes, and I’m encouraged to hope and press in to all God has for us in receiving and giving his love”.
– Jody Corwin, Executive Director, The Dwelling Place

DIVINE PRESCRIPTION: Stories of Faith, Health and Community was made possible in part
by the generous support of Odyssey Networks.