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Seth Glass sequence

Peeking out from record store shelves under the heading “World Music,” recordings of Jewish music have entered mainstream American Jewish culture, having been rediscovered and reintroduced by a new generation of minstrels.

Today’s Jewish musicians, appearing in venues as divergent as cozy Upper West Side clubs to capacity-filled college arenas, are embracing their rich musical heritage and forging new connections to the ancestral melodies and their messages. The result is an authentic and invigorating new genre for communicating the contemporary Jewish experience.

Diva Communications, Inc. has now captured their sounds and stories in the exciting Jewish rockumentary, A Sacred Noise: The New Jewish Music“.

Shot on location around Manhattan, ground zero for the new Jewish music scene, the program features a variety of talented artists and groups including Frank London, Debbie Friedman, Peri Smilow, the Klezmatics, Craig Taubman, Pharaoh’s Daughter and several others, performing their original compositions as well as reinventions of existing Jewish music.

The toe-tapping soundtrack is interlaced with commentary as each musician describes his or her unique connection to Judaism.

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Craig Taubman sequence