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Preparing the Holy Muron
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Golden Cross
Pilgrims to Holy Etchmiadzin
His Holiness Karekin II

Since its founding in 303 A.D.,
the Armenian Church and the
Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin
have fostered Christian unity and interfaith dialogue.
From the Chief Rabbi of Israel
to the Chief Mufti of Syria,
from the Pope
to the Archbishop of Canterbury –
Everyone Prays at Holy Etchmiadzin.

Holy Etchmiadzin in the Spring

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Ceremony of Holy Muron
Armenian Churchgoers
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Vartan Gregorian, Ph.D.
Carnegie Corporation of New York
James R. Russell, Ph.D.
Mashtots Professor of Armenian Studies, Harvard University
Rachel Goshgarian, Ph.D.
Krikor & Clara Zohrab
Information Center
Archbishop Khajag Barsamian
Diocese of the Armenian Church
of America (Eastern)