Demanding deadlines, unrelenting schedules and the pressures of daily life make it easy to wake up on the “wrong side of the bed.”
It is tempting to curse, rather than to thank, the dawn.

Increasing numbers of contemporary Jewish women and men are transforming their perspective on the day by beginning with prayer.

Modeh ani l’fanecha, Grateful, Am I, To You,” is the opening liturgical phrase in Shacharit (morning prayer service) which has captured the attention of yet another generation of Jews who demonstrate and speak of the power of prayer in this new, thoughtful and inspirational documentary produced by Diva Communications.

Partake of an egalitarian, Conservative service where congregants pray with beautiful cantorial melodies and share their moving, personal stories of how their heartfelt supplications have drawn them closer to God, transforming their daily routines and relationships at home, at work and in their communities.

An intimate portrait of the renaissance of an age old tradition, GRATEFUL, AM I, TO YOU is an uplifting, educational look at communal worship in the modern age and is accessible to people of all faiths.