Wisdom of the Holidays aims to reexamine the essential wisdom of the Jewish holidays in a way that is universal to people of all faiths. On Rosh Hashanah, for example, the blast of the Shofar reawakens us like a spiritual alarm clock, shaking us from the stupor of the daily grind so we realize that every day and every breath is to be counted and precious.

Wisdom of the Holidays, produced by Debra Gonsher Vinik and edited by David Vinik of Diva Communications, is a five-part web series devoted to uncovering the essential truths that the holidays hold for people of all faiths. Written and narrated by author, journalist, and radio host Rabbi Irwin Kula of the National Center for Jewish Learning and Leadership.

Other episodes in the series are Yom KippurSukkotHanukkahand Passover.

Wisdom of the Holidays was made possible by a grant from Odyssey Networks.